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Transition to mPOS: How interface design of ChainStorePlus ERM improves POS user experience

Hong Kong, August 24, 2018 - In the transition from traditional POS into web-based application, the interface design of mobile POS (mPOS) always poses challenges to UI designers. Embracing the latest mPOS trend, C&T’s ChainStorePlus ERM has enhanced the mPOS interface from the cashier’s point of view, to ensure the best user experience:

Intuitive design for first-time users
Different from the operation of traditional POS which requires cashiers to receive training beforehand, the simple and precise mPOS interface of ChainStorePlus allows cashiers to get started quickly and greatly shortens their adaptation period. The especially applies to the retail industry with high turnover rate, where cashiers are less trained or directly receive on-the-job training. An intuitive UI is really important to first-time users, so that they can follow the prompts to complete sales operation step by step.

Shortcuts to speed up checkout
​The challenge for cashiers is that they must very quickly process customers’ purchases, or queues will form and customers will become dissatisfied. UI designers should take the user’s journey into account, keep the UI simple to speed up the sales operation. Taking ChainStorePlus’ latest update on mPOS as an example, the UI designers speeded up the checkout process through reducing the number of clicks in each operation process, and provided as many options as possible for cashiers to choose instead entering data.

Simple UI to avoid information interference
As well as understanding the checkout process, UI designers must also be aware that mistakes are not permissible for affecting the accuracy of settlement. Therefore, when designing mPOS, ChainStorePlus has taken note to the amount of information displayed at each step, to show only the major contents to avoid information interference and false-touching.

Micro-operations for specific industries
Different organizations have their own set of policies on transaction cancellation, discount application and what currencies to accept. Mindful of all these factors that affect the design of mPOS, ChainStorePlus has enhanced the system’s usability with well-structured and well-defined UI.

Testing for the most practical design
The display size of mobile devices is generally smaller than traditional POS, and thus the amount of information shown and button distance are relatively small. When designing the mPOS user interface, ChainStorePlus has enlarged the buttons and categorized different sets of information and functions with color zoning for cashiers to easily recognize. At the same time, the lens on mPOS is displayed with non-full screen mode to ensure cashiers can attend to and check the data when scanning product barcodes.

Serving more than 3,000 retail stores around the world with a comprehensive retail management system, ChainStorePlus’ experienced UI designer team has never stopped exploring ways to improve the users’ experience, from the overall structure to details, to ensure the retail businesses can optimize operational efficiency through ChainStorePlus.