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Comprehensive support services: IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM keep customers update-to-date with regulation changes

Hong Kong, October 12, 2018 - To ensure the domestic labor force receives the most comprehensive employment protection and benefits, the labor legislation in Mainland China has been updated from time to time in response to the rapidly-changing labor market condition, and HR should therefore keep abreast of the latest regulations to ensure accuracy of payroll calculation. In the face of such a challenge, quality service providers of human resources management software can make timely response to the latest polices of labor, tax, etc., enabling HR to keep the best HR practice in mind and confidently take care of their employees' rights.

Recently, an update on the individual income tax policy together with other tax reductions came into effect on October 1, 2018, which raised the minimum threshold for personal income tax from 3,500 yuan to 5,000 yuan per month. The implementation of the new tax law inevitably has a subversive impact on the existing payroll structure. With years of experience serving customers in a wide spectrum of businesses and scales in Hong Kong and Mainland, C&T’s HRM software suites IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM have been keeping track of the latest regulations and announced a set of comprehensive guidelines for clients to configure the new salary and tax calculation formula. The experienced service teams also provide all-round system operation support for customers in need to ensure they can keep up with the changes in law.

Payroll management is a core and challenging part in HR management. Even when business owners are not experts for full compliance with the complicated government regulations, they are still legally responsible for any cases of nonconformity to the employment ordinance. Therefore, when improving the efficiency of HR management, enterprises should not only focus on the staff’s efficiency, but also choose a smart, real-time and up-to-date HRM system as their reliable partner. IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM's strong payroll engine can support different compensation and benefit policies and rules, with a flexible architecture that can also efficiently help HR deal with bulk data, eliminate human errors and greatly reduce time cost. Besides, the professional teams of IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM will keep abreast of local labor laws and regulations, and provide relevant updates in respect of changes that matter to HR, to maintain the efficiency and accuracy of payroll management for customers.