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Simplifying HR and payroll operations: IPL HRMS adopted by the world’s leading luxury retail group

Hong Kong, June 28, 2019 - C&T's human resources management software IPL HRMS was adopted by one of the world's leading jewelry and watch groups to simplify its HR processes and payroll operations with customized automation to support its retail business growth in Hong Kong.

Iconic watch & jewelry houses across the world
The customer is the world's leader in luxury products, gathering 75 prestigious brands with a retail network of over 4,500 stores worldwide. The group has a unique portfolio of brand houses in five different sectors: wines & spirits, fashion & leather goods, perfumes & cosmetics, watches & jewelry and selective retailing. Guided by a quest for excellence, creativity and innovation, the iconic houses of watches & jewelry contributed a global sales total of exceeding 4,000 million euros solely in 2018. With a strategic position in its retail business, Hong Kong's watch and jewelry market is handled by the group's dedicated subsidiary actively growing those houses' retail presence in the shopping paradise.

To automate HR operations of retail business
In the past years, the group relied on time and cost consuming manual procedures to manage staff profiles, payroll, leave and all other HR matters. The drive for accelerated business and workforce expansion has urged the company to digitalize its HR operations. Running a retail business of multiple brands, stores and sales forces, the company looked for an e-system that can simplify HR operations with centralized management and standardized procedures and uphold employees' rights with comprehensive payroll automation in compliance with Hong Kong's employment law. Such a demand for expertise in HR system design and local market know-how led to the retail company's vote for IPL HRMS, a market-leading software suite with three decades of experience helping renowned enterprises transform their HR management with practical solutions. 

Fulfilling 713 Ordinance compliance with payroll customizations
What lied behind choosing IPL HRMS were the product's market-recognized experience and highly customizable system design. To fulfill the needs of the company in its HR operations, which can be of much complication because of the varied salary components and fluctuating commissions of different sales forces and individual employees, IPL HRMS delivered a solution that ensures reliable payroll processing that is compliant with the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007 (713 Ordinance). With customizations taking into account the commission, allowance and various other components of wages defined under the 713 Ordinance, the IPL HRMS system runs payroll calculations with accurate results and ensures employees' relevant statutory entitlements are based on the average daily or monthly wages in the preceding 12-month period.

Successful digitalization with daily operational efficiency
The meticulous payroll customizations formed the key puzzle piece of the delivered IPL HRMS system, which provides a shared e-platform for the HR personnel of the business to also manage employees' master data, access reports for analysis, document leave applications and balances, etc. in one central place with enhanced collaboration. Now able to focus more on planning and decision making, the HR representative of the company comments, “IPL HRMS has provided us with a satisfying experience of digital transformation that makes instant improvement to our HR efficiency. The system's payroll engine is doing the otherwise most routine and tedious manual work, from calculating complicated monthly payments to generating batch reports and payslips.”