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Optimizing efficiency: C&T brings AI chatbot to HR management software

Hong Kong, February 14, 2020 - Today, innovative integration of facial recognition, GPS positioning, artificial intelligence (AI) and a lot more technologies has gained popularity across industries, especially in the field of human resources management. Among these is AI chatbot service, one of the most sought-after applications that C&T has brought into human resources management software IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM, allowing enterprise customers to ride on the latest technologies to enhance staff engagement, HR efficiency and daily business operations.

The HR department not only has to handle the cumbersome HR matters such as attendance, payroll and benefits, leave applications and many more, but also has to solve a great deal of repetitive inquiries every day. Through AI integration, the HR chatbot is connected to the company’s HR master database, engaging users with immediate interaction and helping HR to save time in checking employee’s records and answering questions. Time-consuming procedures are replaced by the chatbot and hence efficiency is highly improved.

Large chain-store businesses are usually staffed with a wide range of age groups, especially those in hospitality, retail and others that have a more complex staff structure and require employees to work in shifts, through part-time engagement, etc. Mature employees’ lack of knowledge in using HR systems has put extra burden on themselves and HR personnel, whereas young employees prefer more digital service experience. Taking leave application as an example, when the AI chatbot is integrated with the IPL HRMS system, employees can apply for leave on C&T HCM App pre-installed on their mobile devices or the in-store employee-service kiosk by either text or voice command. After the chatbot has retrieved relevant information, it will get back to the requester with human-touch response, helping employees to complete the leave application procedure instantly and sending the request to management for approval automatically, significantly improving efficiency.

Company policies, employee codes and welfare benefits are the typical major concerns of both employees and employers. With chatbot service always on, employees’ daily inquiries can be answered in a simple and easy way, while the company can effectively disseminate such important information. The demo video shows a conversation between the chatbot and the employee about the code of conduct, benefits and allowances. The system will automatically analyze relevant keywords from the employee’s input and provide the answer instantly.

As a leader in the industry, C&T is committed to IT services that always get better and strives to provide the market with high quality HR system solutions. As the strongest backing of enterprise customers, IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM will continue looking for refinement with innovative tech integration.