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Enhancing leading food business: CR Ng Fung establishes efficient data repository with VITOVA EIM

Hong Kong, March 23, 2018 - China Resources Ng Fung International Distribution Company Limited (CR Ng Fung) is the largest Chinese food distributor in Hong Kong, running businesses which include rice, fresh meats, vegetables and frozen foods. Handling a large volume of daily accounts payable/ receivable (AP/ AR) with complicated approval processes in the supply chain, the group has adopted VITOVA EIM as the one-stop solution to automate its documentation processes from receiving order data and scanning to capturing information and documenting for sharing and retrieval.

Largest Chinese food distributor in Hong Kong
Named one of the Top 500 global corporations, CR Ng Fung is an integrated food group engaged in research and development, production, processing, wholesale, retail, transportation and international trade, playing an important role in maintaining the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong society.

Automatic data capturing workflow
The documentation processes for this leading distributor are automated by three main modules of VITOVA, namely VitalScan with intelligent scanning, VitalCapture with smart data extraction and, the core module, VitalDoc with powerful e-filing and searching.

VitalScan allows batch scanning and converts delivery notes into e-files that are checked and polished at the time they are scanned, which guarantees high image quality. VitalCapture features a user-ready workflow starting from capturing data, automatic importing and indexing to extracting useful data, e.g. “Goods Delivery” and “Date” through the auto data look-up function into Excel reports for analysis and even “Invoice No.” can be captured by reading the barcode. VitalDoc with powerful searching functions allows internal users to easily store and swiftly retrieve data through “Invoice Date” and “Invoice No.”

Customization for daily operational needs
In daily operations, the actual number of goods delivered may be subject to ad-hoc changes of damage and loss, or human error. It is common for drivers or logistic officers to adjust the actual volume of goods by direct handwriting. The VitalCapture module validates data from different sources with built-in checking rules for format compliance. On one hand the “Ready to Capture” setup allows immediate data extraction with the OCR engine to handle English and Chinese character recognition. On the other hand the parallel window allows users to compare the scanned amount with the captured amount, and make necessary notes and reconciliations before confirmation and saving.

Developed with API, VitalCapture is highly compatible for integration with third-party systems to complete corporation information repositories. The solution is customized for CR Ng Fung to get order data in XML files from the Oracle Warehouse Management System through web services, and then update the well-structured actual delivery data back to the Oracle ERP.

To assist the group in distributing foods and providing high quality services for its customers, VITOVA has been in place to provide a user-certered solution with a systematic and automated workflow that can minimize manual work and error with improvement of data management processes.