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Enhancing public services: C&T Solutions completes CCBS upgrade for Water Supplies Department

Hong Kong, June 28, 2023 - C&T Solutions has delivered the project of the Water Supplies Department (WSD) for a major upgrade of the Customer Care and Billing System (CCBS) to fulfill WSD’s evolving and expanding business needs and enhance its customer services that cover three million domestic and business accounts.

Under the HKSAR Government, WSD provides water supplies for the Hong Kong population of about 7.3 million. Providing reliable and adequate wholesome potable water and seawater to the public, it is also responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of water supply and distribution systems.

Launched by WSD in 2004, CCBS is an integrated management system developed and supported by the C&T Solutions team, serving more than 2.8 million domestic households and 250,000 trade customers. CCBS can support the water supply system, issue water bills and handle customers’ inquiries and complaints, etc. Over the years, C&T has continued to provide reliable maintenance services for CCBS and has become a trusted long-term partner of WSD.

CCBS logon page:

Due to the increasing number of customers served by WSD and the need to handle a large amount of customer information, the C&T Solutions team delivered a major system upgrade for CCBS. This important technical upgrade enhances the user interface of CCBS, and streamlines the system workflow of processing customer information, issuing water bills and managing information on water consumption. It has greatly enhanced the overall work efficiency of various working groups in daily CCBS operations. The team also offers detailed data encryption and tightens access right controls for CCBS, to ensure the security and integrity of the data processed by CCBS. Through the comprehensive upgrade of CCBS, C&T will continue to provide quality support services, helping WSD handle customers’ needs more effectively.