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Industry-driven HR digitization: Major building contractor adopts IPL HRMS

Hong Kong, July 15, 2022 - C&T’s human resources management software IPL HRMS is helping a major building contractor in Hong Kong to replace their existing paper-laden HR system to enhance HR efficiency and facilitate stainable staffing expansion.

Established in 1967, this customer has developed into one of the leading building contractors in Hong Kong. Over the span of over 50 years in the market, the building contractor has undertaken different Hong Kong major construction projects for residences, commercial buildings, education institutions, etc.

Shared among industry practitioners, this major building contractor has been facing different challenges in HR management. They are caused not only by the high turnover rate but also by the complicated workforce compositions, and a majority of them are working onsite and under part-time or contract terms. Their existing HR system is a legacy, outdated system that is laden with manual and paper procedures. Because of the increasing operational needs and company expansion in recent years, they reached out to IPL HRMS for an integrated HR solution.

Impressed by IPL HRMS’s market expertise in delivering industry-specific e-HR solutions for large-scale businesses, the building contractor adopts IPL HRMS’s compliance-ready core HR system with a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution to digitalize and mobilize its existing manual HR operations. Automating core HR chores with precision and compliance while powering flexible self-service through C&T HCM App, the integrated HR system can help the contractor streamline payroll calculation, leave application, attendance and more, greatly enhancing the HR department’s efficiency and engagement of a large, mobile workforce. The professional team of IPL HRMS is working closely with this customer to deliver smooth HR digitalization and gear its leading construction business for further staffing expansion and business diversification.