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Effective HR management: Two leading construction companies adopt IPL HRMS

Hong Kong, March 20, 2019 - Two leading construction companies have engaged C&T’s human resources management software IPL HRMS to enhance their efficiency of HR management through digitalizing payroll and other key HR processes specific to their complicated employee structure.

Both construction companies are renowned industry practitioners operating under their local and overseas parent groups. One of them is among the few contractors of major foundation works fully licensed by the Hong Kong Government, engaged in design and construction of foundation works for the private sector, public sector and also Housing Department. The other company, with over 150 years of experience in the industry, is a contractor known for a number of theme park construction projects.

The construction industry is facing big challenges in HR management, because of not only the high turnover rate, but also the complicated combination of the employees. Even a single construction project requires talents with various technical backgrounds, and many of the employees are working under part-time or contract terms. Industry players therefore need a comprehensive HR system for them to manage the complicated workforce structure in a systematic way.

A market-leading product with high customization capability, IPL HRMS helps construction companies and various other customers with unique needs in their industry-specific operations streamline and simply HR management, paving the way for sustainable business development.