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Enhancing local HR practices: IPL HRMS adopted by global mattress and fashion groups

Hong Kong, May 12, 2021 - C&T’s human resources management software IPL HRMS is working on two new system projects of global brands to enhance local HR management practices of their leading businesses in mattresses and luxury fashion respectively.

Established in 1881, the mattress brand is the preferred choice among many five-star hotels around the world. Originating from a small town in Texas, USA, the group expanded into Asia Pacific in 2000, opening offices in Hong Kong as one of its bases. This customer chooses IPL HRMS’ Human Capital Management (HCM) solution with C&T HCM App to digitalize and mobilize its existing manual HR management. IPL HRMS will help the company streamline HR procedures of payroll calculation, leave application and expenses reimbursement and achieve substantial manpower savings.

The other customer using IPL HRMS is a luxury fashion brand founded in 1856, offering consumers the best clothing, shoes and bags. In 2020, this retail group generated revenue of GBP 2.63 billion. Today, the brand has presence in Hong Kong with around 20 stores and 800 employees carrying out operations. To enhance the HR efficiency of managing its large number of employees, this customer will upgrade the current HR system with IPL HRMS’ master data management platform and powerful payroll engine with full compliance out of the box.

A system with comprehensive design, flexible modules and market knowledge, IPL HRMS is expected to bring symbolic improvement to the HR management and internal resources allocation of both industry-leading companies, providing a solid HR system base for their future business expansion in the Hong Kong market.