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Regulatory enforcement for public safety: EMSD adopts IaaS for non-compliant electrical product surveillance

Hong Kong, March 23, 2022 - C&T’s cyber intelligence software IaaS has been adopted by Electrical and Mechanical Service Department (EMSD) of HKSAR Government to realize always-on surveillance of non-compliant electrical products on e-commerce platforms and enhance regulatory enforcement for public safety. (Source:

EMSD has two functional arms, Regulatory Services and Trading Services, to provide E&M services for enhancing the safety and quality of life of the Hong Kong public. Due to rapid changes in the business environment nowadays, there are many shops selling or promoting household electrical products online, which has drawn the attention of EMSD for taking more effective tech-based measures to maintain statutory control over the safety of all household electrical products in the market. Backed by the data intelligence expertise of the CISC team, a subsidiary of C&T, IaaS has impressed EMSD with its sound experience in similar projects for the Government.

IaaS Cloud Service Platform

To identify non-compliant electrical products and discover unsafe products recalled and suspended of use overseas but still supplied to Hong Kong, EMSD used to require substantial manpower to keep track of cyberspace loaded with new information every day. An always-on cloud service platform with artificial intelligence (AI) integration, IaaS has enabled 24/7 automated data collection of electrical products and their suppliers on various popular e-commerce channels, such as HKTVmall, Taobao and

E-commerce Statistics

The AI engine applies natural language processing (NLP) for semantic analysis of customer review content and generates timely alerts of suspected non-compliant cases for EMSD. EMSD’s inspection team can also conduct thorough investigations with real-time online keyword and image search with precise optical character recognition (OCR), historical record retrieval and detailed analytics reports.

Keyword Search

With the cyber intelligence solution of IaaS for integrated data collection, conversion and analysis, EMSD has achieved a much more efficient way to identify non-compliant and recalled/ suspended electrical products selling in the market, ensuring timely regulatory enforcement operations that can meet the public’s expectation.