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Procurement digitalization for education sector: World-class young university adopts ProSmart

Hong Kong, February 8, 2023 - C&T’s procurement management software ProSmart is working on a digitalization project for a prominent young university in Hong Kong to automate and streamline management of their fast-growing procurement operations.

Founded in 1994, the young university has already earned a reputation as a hub for innovation, research and professional education. The university actively supports technological innovation through awarding funds to start-ups in areas such as information and communications technology, artificial intelligence, fintech and more. As a top university in Hong Kong and Asia and with over 400 partner institutions around the world, it aims to be a leading global university. With steadily growing facilities and research needs, keeping track of progress for procurement operations becomes increasingly challenging, so the university decided on digitalization through C&T, whose team has a proven track record in delivering digital management solutions for large-scale businesses and educational organizations.

ProSmart provides integrated e-procurement with Oracle system interfacing to transform manual and paper-based procedures into digital management on an automated and auditable platform. The university can take advantage of standardized e-workflows to simplify compliance and efficiently acquire the best suppliers for services of various types such as campus development, student residences, research projects and more. The all-in-one e-tendering platform also allows the university to achieve comprehensive supplier management throughout each procurement cycle, from onboarding to tender broadcasting, proposal submission and performance evaluation, which significantly reduces time cost and enhances transparency. Facilitating easy access for users from both the university and the suppliers, the cloud-based platform will provide assuring security and fairness with proposal encryption and strict access rights control.

The digitalization project by ProSmart will empower the university with a sustainable procurement ecosystem that attracts tender competition, facilitates quality decisions, and provides scalability as the world-class young university continues its strategic development.