The beauty of success


The manufacturing industry remains vital to economic future. Having latest technologies to increase competitive advantage can improve industry's growth. With decades of experience, C&T's products and services assist hundreds of customers in manufacturing industry to transform from traditonal operations to procedures automation, manage growth and create uniqueness in the market. Companies applied C&T's products and services can entitled to stable and substainable solutions and thus, maintain a better usage of information technologies to build competitive business advantages. Some of our customers are listed below:


 Electronic Scientific Engineering Limited successfully reduced the workload of HR personnel with IPL HRMS. 

 Pernod Ricard Hong Kong Limited signed a landmark IPL HRMS agreement to cover various human resources management modules. 

 Toyota Motor Investment (China) Co., Limited and SICPA Porsche (China) Motors Limited deployed various HR applications of C&T to enhance human resources management of their automobile businesses.

 Thyssenkrupp Elevator (HK) Limited adopted IPL HRMS to realize better management of human resources. 

 Shanghai Tractor & Internal Combustion Engine Corporation Ltd. (STICEC) strengthened business development through centralizing HR management with Platinum HRM. 


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