Global e-Trading Services Limited, a subsidiary of the publicly listed Computer and Technologies Holdings Ltd, is a provider of electronic trading services to the trading community. Ge-TS has been granted the Government Electronic Trading Services License (GETS license) in March 24, 2003 to provide electronic services to the trading community for submission of trade-related documents to Government. The appointment is effective from January 2004.

Under this licence, Government completely outsource the provision of front-end Government Electronic Trading Services to Ge-TS. In other words, Ge-TS processes trade-related documents on behalf of Government, provides customer and technical services, and collects payment for Government. Ge-TS serves the trading community for processing of the following government trade-related documents such as:

  • Import / Export Declaration (TDEC)
  • Dutiable Commodities Permit (DCP)
  • Electronic Cargo Manifests (EMAN)
  • Road Cargo System (ROCARS)
  • Certificate of Origin (CO)

In addition, Value-added services have been developed to provide unparalleled value to our customers and to the benefit of trading community of Hong Kong as a whole. To best serve our customers, we also provide customised solutions according to specific business needs.

For more details, please visit: http://www.ge-ts.com.hk/

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