Property Management

Manage Your Properties with Digital Efficiency

C&T PMS is the proprietary property management system of C&T Solutions, designed to automate and streamline the complicated processes of the whole property management lifecycle for real estate companies and property service providers to improve their business operations and provide better service experience for owners, sellers, buyers and tenants.

Your Integrated Solution Partner - An industry-driven solution integrating rich market experience and dedicated research & development, C&T PMS is managed by a versatile, experienced team of service professionals and technicians with strong expertise. They are the key puzzle pieces that have helped many customers of different industries and sectors create their success and even award-winning stories of digital transformation.

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Manage information and operations on a centralized platform for better communication and higher efficiency



Access the online system anytime and anywhere for necessary information and tasks



Automate the entire property management with minimal manpower and time cost while improving productivity



Get better insights with comprehensive reports and analyses for better planning and operations


Leasing Management

An all-in-one online module for leasing users to manage the entire leasing process and improve information sharing to enhance business performance.

  • Leasing Portal
  • Waiting List Management
  • Application Processing
  • Unit Vacancy 
  • License Scheduling 
  • Renewal Scheduling 
  • Tenant Management 
  • Billing and Payment 
  • Report Printing




Sales Management

Online Registration To Intent - Designed for users to easily setup projects for property or car park sale to facilitate online registration of intent processes, while providing a user-friendly interface for applicants.

  • Online Registration Portal
  • Project Setup 
  • Application Vetting 

Sales Day - A comprehensive operation workflow to automate and accelerate property sales day management processes, from check-in to balloting and from balloting result display to property selection process.

  • Sales Day Portal
  • Sales Day Management
  • Statistical and Management Reports

Sales Platform

A one-stop sales platform with comprehensive property database management, search and request to match buyers and sellers for property acquisition, sale and rental with efficiency.

  • Sales Platform Portal 
  • Property Search
  • Shortlisting and Sharing 
  • Dynamic Unit View with Augmented Reality (AR) Technology
  • Sales Appointment 
  • Unit Inventory Maintenance





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