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Building sustainable future: C&T named Wastewi$e and Energywi$e company

Hong Kong, April 6, 2018 - C&T has been awarded the Wastewi$e and Energywi$e Certificates of the Hong Kong Green Organization Certification (HKGOC) by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), recognizing the group’s dedicated efforts and measures to reduce waste and conserve energy in daily operations.

HKGOC is an esteemed certification scheme led by ECC alongside the Environmental Protection Department, aiming to encourage organizations to adopt green practices and strive for self-improvement in different environmental aspects and benchmark green organizations with substantial achievement in green management.

As a socially responsible citizen, C&T strives to minimize the impact to the environment, and its determination to promote environmental well-being is reflected in the group’s green policy and guidelines for the management and staff to follow in daily operations. These have been translated into well-established waste-wise, energy-wise and other green practices, from pull printing, draft paper reuse and sorted recycling to e-purchasing, e-HR, smart lighting/ power control, consumption metrics monitoring, recycling campaigns, etc.

Shouldering the responsibility of a Wastewi$e and Energywi$e green company, C&T will continue its devotion to maintaining a daily workplace that promotes environment protection and enables each and every employee to participate in saving energy, reducing waste and reusing/ recycling materials, together contributing to improvement of the environment and sustainability of the society.