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Pursuing digital rental services: C&T Solutions delivers property management system for statutory body

Hong Kong, December 29, 2022 - C&T Solutions is developing an integrated property management system (PMS) for an aviation statutory body in Hong Kong to oversee the tenant admissions and property management of its brand-new retail, entertainment and business complex with digital efficiency.

The complex is an integrated commercial development project launched by the statutory body and provides excellent retail, dining and entertainment facilities. This complex will be the first to combine wealth and health services for people in Hong Kong and simultaneously serve as a Grade A office building cluster. Managing its large-scale rental operations involves extensive collaboration among departments and indues numerous documents containing vast amounts of information to be handled. This has necessitated the organization to seek a dependable and secure system that can streamline the workflow of information submission and approval while facilitating performance monitoring of its rental services.

C&T PMS is the proprietary property management system of C&T Solutions. The team will deliver a comprehensive e-platform powered by C&T PMS, featuring functions and workflows tailor-made for the statutory body such as checking subletting and licensing acknowledgments. It will also facilitate revenue analysis and financial planning through different business intelligence (BI) analytic dashboards and generate reports according to different types and dimensions. The organization can also keep track of rental revenue and confirmed tenancy schedules via the system.

Streamlining property management with customizable workflow automation, C&T PMS is expected to improve the efficiency and rental performance of the statutory body’s property business operations and fulfill better business decision-making.