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Expanding footprint in IoT: C&T Solutions accelerates technological breakthrough for property management

Hong Kong, October 7, 2020 - Keeping abreast with the technological advancement over the years, C&T Solutions has been continuously developing integrated industry solutions for various organizations to fulfill their ever-changing business needs. One of the significant achievements is the market penetration in property management with customized solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Today, the internet of things (IoT) is the rising-star in property management which changes how people interact with the structures in which they live and work. With experience accumulated from successful projects, C&T Solutions has developed several well-established IoT examples for property management, making all parties easier when buying, selling and managing properties in a variety of ways.

Application of IoT in property management solution

If property management enterprises are interested in leveraging IoT technology, it is important to know what is available now and how it can be utilized. With that in mind, C&T Solutions has put together some suggestions to illustrate what is possible.

Smart access

As IoT is all about connection among smart devices, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacons, it can be an excellent way to increase security without disturbing tenants by using phones with QR code readers to unlock physical access control, for example,

  • visitor entry and exit registration
  • car park arm control
  • attendance tracking with dynamic QR code

Through smart access, property management enterprises can easily control access to certain parts of the building for specific tenants. This negates the need for using keys, which means less investment in manpower to handle access control.

Virtual guard

A human guard is common in maintaining property security, yet it is more expensive as human guards are only available in one place at a time. By using IoT, a virtual guard system using Face ID, Touch ID or Mobile Registration ID can identify non-tenants and generate security alerts, bringing the benefit of cost saving and induction of rental revenue.

House hunting

The application of IoT in property management helps enterprises locate potential tenants with new methods. This unique solution uses an IoT-powered process to show properties that do not require an agent on site. With a mobile app, it lists all available properties, generates automatic alerts to prospective clients and schedules viewing, increasing the productivity of the real estate agencies and allowing customers to examine offerings at their leisure.

Automated tracking

In the daily maintenance, it costs a lot of resources in viewing the facilities usage. Property management enterprises can consider using IoT for automation in tracking energy usage, water access and other important components in a resident’s day-to-day life. An IoT solution can give property managers a back-end infrastructure where they can monitor all the operations. Using smart devices like beacons allows easy tracing of issues happening around the property at any given time.

GPS attendance

It is challenging for the property management industry to manage staff effectively as the situation is complicated with the shift-based system and multi-location working. Managers are expected to ensure that field staff are reporting for work on time and meeting tenants on schedule. This has now been made possible by leveraging the GPS feature of an employee’s mobile. The function can facilitate the staff to check in and check out using staff-oriented apps with GPS records. The actual time (i.e. preparation, travelling, follow-up, etc.) and service time will be calculated for statistical reporting.

Combining the power of IoT and mobile devices presents developers with the potential to create apps that can revolutionize the industry. C&T Solutions is well equipped with new ideas, from using IoT in property sales and management to further honing the smart home concept. A team of professionals is ready here for the new software solution using the new technology to optimize our living.