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Digital transformation: The way to sustainable procurement management (II)

Hong Kong, February 27, 2019 – Last week, we mentioned digital transformation has become many companies’ priority, and we shared how e-procurement enhances your efficiency and compliance. Today we will share how transparency unlocks the path to sustainable e-procurement.

Transparency reveals the best
From “ISO 20400:2017” you should be reminded the latest sustainable procurement guidelines from International Organization for Standardization have been there for two years. “Sustainability” is a word you should no longer leave on the waiting list. The guidelines reflect what your partners, customers and even community are expecting from your procurement processes, including accountability, transparency, respect for human rights, ethical behavior, etc. To serve them all and for good, you should at first build a solid foundation that sets the momentum: digital transformation, a resort to automation that allows you to align your internal practices, apply consistent, open rules to all suppliers, and eventually have all the evidence getting altogether to reveal the best suppliers to you. This is what you will get from ProSmart’s integrated solution of spending analysis, supplier pre-qualification, strategic buying, tender assessment, AP approval & automation, goods receipt, supplier evaluation, and document retention & storage. With all well set in your system, you can easily get familiar with each supplier’s quality from pre-qualification to evaluation, from their first awarded project to the latest finished project.

Digital transformation is a good chance to rejuvenate your management with a much better grasp of your procurement performance and improving procurement efficiency and quality in an on-going manner. This is not a resort from imagination, but a proven idea, since back in year 2000 C&T already pioneered e-tendering for the Hong Kong market, and over the course of nearly two decades many reputed organizations have revolutionized their manual and paper-based procurement with sustainable e-procurement through ProSmart.


Digital transformation: The way to sustainable procurement management (I)


Dennis Yu

Principal Consultant of Enterprise Procurement Management, C&T