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Comprehensive workforce management: IPL HRMS releases Attendance module upgrade

Hong Kong, October 18, 2019 - C&T’s human resources management software IPL HRMS released major enhancements to the Attendance module, empowering businesses to smoothen daily operations through streamlined, high-mobility workforce management.

While in the past overseeing and improving staff attendance required a lot of data collection and report generation by HR and managers’ manual work, today’s management with the Attendance module of IPL HRMS can streamline each workflow and centralize planning and decision-making with tech-based convenience. This upgraded module provides a holistic solution for businesses, especially those with chain stores or multiple offices, to effectively manage workforce attendance and continuously make improvement through a sustainable cycle that covers routine scheduling, attendance tracking, contingent arrangement, performance review, policy refining, etc. The features include:

  • Simplifying complication of roster planning with graphical interface
  • Reporting for duty with real-time GPS or QR code clock-in
  • Arranging urgent cross-branch labor transfers on mobile
  • Automated roster notifications and shift reminders
  • Automated approval flow for optimized efficiency
  • Dashboard attendance stats for instant insights
  • Comprehensive summaries: on-time, absent, overtime, late, etc.
  • Dynamic data presentations: daily, monthly, by individual, by branch, etc.
  • Settings and reminders for HR compliance: 418 Ordinance, minimum wage, statutory holiday, overtime work compensation, etc.

Lateness, sick leave, urgent transferring, OT work and many happenings in daily business operations, particularly of a fast food or fashion chain store, inevitably trigger a lot of follow-up actions and calculations to employees’ salary of the monthly, commission of the quarter, leave balance of the year, etc. The Attendance module is seamlessly integrated with the core Leave Management module and Payroll Management module of IPL HRMS, enabling immediate checking, reconciliation and updating of the connected data, saving tedious manual work and improving data accuracy. The Attendance module also runs in the ecosystem of C&T HCM App, guaranteeing boundaryless mobility and flexibly for businesses to improve their operations with a stable, reliable workforce that is well engaged.