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Practical skill learning: Platinum HRM holds 2019 Q4 classroom training for enterprise users

Hong Kong, January 8, 2020 - C&T’s human resources management software Platinum HRM held Q4 small-class training on December 5-6, 2019 at Shanghai Training Center, attracting over a dozen HR practitioners from eight different enterprises for a hands-on workshop covering module updates, rights management, measures regarding change of policy and more.

The HR professionals were very active in the training and raised questions of practical system usage such as:

Q: How to remove unneeded departmental levels from the organizational chart?
A: Users can archive the appropriate staff before removing the unnecessary departmental level from the organizational chart; then import the necessary data back to the chart from the archive.

Q: Can I set email alerts in the system?
A: Users can set email alerts in the mail server of the HRM system and HR will send the email alert to the employee’s email address.

Q:  Why is there no record of the old data after I have updated a field?
A: Users can update the record with the following steps: go to Group Management > Manage Group Fields > Manage Employee Fields, select the field that needs to be amended; then tick “Keep Records of Old Data” before making any amendments.

Q: Can enterprises set authority to allow different HR personals to access employees’ profiles?
A: Users can configure settings by going to Rights Management > User Settings > System Settings.

Looking forward to such practical workshops in the near future, one of the participants commented that Platinum has been providing update patches regarding the change in taxation policy, while the training allows them to get a better grasp of the system usage techniques through the face to face interaction and sharing with the technicians, helping the practical HR users solve problems on system usage.