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Strengthening business development: STICEC centralizes HR management with Platinum HRM

Hong Kong, August 17, 2018 - Marketing-leading provider of automotive parts in China, Shanghai Tractor & Internal Combustion Engine Corporation Ltd. (STICEC) has chosen C&T’s Platinum HRM as the partner for enhancing the standard and efficiency of its human resources management through digital transformation, an important step to sustain the company’s rapid business growth.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai-listed HUAYU Automotive Systems Co. Ltd, STICEC has been in business since 1989 and today has transformed into a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai with a core business in automotive structural and panel parts.

Over the years STICEC has relied on manual operation for employee information maintenance and payroll calculation. Relevant data has not been effectively organized, resulting in information islands and increasing the HR personnel’s workload and possibility of errors. At the same time the large number of branches has made efficient, real-time communication of policies a challenge. With the continuous expansion of the business and rapid increase in the number of employees, the traditional manual procedures can no longer effectively support its development. STICEC has engaged Platinum for a digital platform with flexibility and reliability to centralize its HR management, further enhancing its management standard and employee satisfaction. With meticulously review of the company’s HR management workflows and expectation of the new management system, Platinum has formulated a solution that integrates the functions of Group Management, Payroll Management, BI Reporting and other core modules.

Implementing the management system of Platinum, STICEC is realizing central management of over 6000 employees covering the whole country. This enables the HR personnel to efficiently handle complicated HR and payroll operations with ease and contribute more to overall planning. Through this project, Platinum is facilitating STIECEC’s strategic transformation in HR management, which opens the path for sustainable development of its business.