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Strategic customer retention: ChainStorePlus ERM introduces Member e-Reg module

Hong Kong, August 25, 2017 - C&T’s flagship enterprise retail management software, ChainStorePlus ERM released the Member e-Reg module, a mobile-centric application designed for multinational retail groups to deliver more efficient, all-round customer experience, raising customer loyalty and enhancing central management of multi-region membership programs.

A number of international brands have chosen ChainStorePlus as the partner for efficiently launching overseas branches with precise localization and maintaining holistic customer relationship and loyalty management. Among these is an international group holding renowned fashion brands covering more than 3,000 sales outlets in over 20 countries across Asia and Europe. The group has been adopting different systems and approaches to collect customer data. In order to improve and streamline operational processes across all Asian regions, this client requested a new information capturing application to facilitate easy in-store operation of membership information management and centralize collection and analysis of customer data.

This Member e-Reg module allows customers to register membership by email or QR code through mobile devices. Within the payment process, premium customers can fill in personal details and register for membership directly through an iPad. The new member can create a digital signature directly on the touchscreen by finger or stylus. The member record is then auto-synced with the back-end database and accessible anytime through the POS system, through which the new joining member can enjoy discounts and other member benefits immediately. Related sales history is also further recorded in a centralized approach. The system is at the same time secured by staff access settings to ensure data security and privacy.

The new module is ready for full deployment in September 2017 to the client’s Asian store network, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau, Korea and Japan. Besides multi-language support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc., the system provides localized designs for the specific business and cultural needs of different Asian regions.

By unifying the membership registration and management system among all Asian retail outlets, not only the cost and effort for support and maintenance can be reduced, but also the retail group can better control and fully utilize the membership data collected for refined brand loyalty programs and greater interaction with the customers. Seamlessly integrating the Member e-Reg module into its eco-system of retail management, ChainStorePlus fully supports retail businesses’ global expansion and management of multi-brand, multi-country retail networks.