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ISO 20000 certification review: IPL HRMS continues to uphold international-grade service standard

Hong Kong, December 28, 2018 - IPL HRMS, human resources management (HRM) software of C&T, has successfully completed the first external audit of ISO 20000-1:2011 certification by ISO’s accredited assessment body. IPL HRMS was granted the certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in December 2017 for its excellence in human resources service management, delivery and operation. The audit results commending IPL HRMS’ consistent capability of high-quality IT service management (ITSM) have reiterated IPL HRMS’ position as the market-leading HRM solution provider in Hong Kong.

Considered the foremost ITSM standard in the world, the ISO 20000 certification has enabled IPL HRMS to ensure its provision of design, development, support and maintenance services of Human Resource Management System fulfills the needs of its business, customers and international best practices. The audit conducted by ISO’s authorized external auditor in December 2018 which reviewed and commended the execution quality of IPL HRMS’ ISO-certified ITSM system and its overall enhancement since the benchmarking accreditation one year ago, recognizing the IPL HRMS team’s endeavor to pursue quality improvement and better serve its valuable clients ranging from well-established brands to large local conglomerates and multinational corporations.

As the only ISO 20000:2011 certified provider of HRM software products in Hong Kong, IPL HRMS believes the ISO certification is an on-going journey of continuous improvement and is committed to not only consolidating the leading HRMS brand’s competitiveness in the market, but also uplifting the standard of best practices and driving the industry’s further development.