Shortlisted Video Award

STEPS by Andy Ko: We take steps to get from point A to B. We take steps to turn our goals to realities. Where will your next step take you? Watch on YouTube / Sohu



Shortlisted Video Award

ENJOY C&T by Jessica Wei, Sena Li & Yoyo Zhu: Showing the work and leisure modes of three girls passionate about their career and acting, we hope to take this video to urge talents to join us at C&T and work with joy. Watch on YouTube / Sohu

Shortlisted Video Award

OUR JOURNEY by Farrah Cheng: Life’s full of adventures, and this journey does fulfil your adventures. Watch on YouTube / Sohu

Shortlisted Video Award

C&T CARE & TRUST by Alan Ma, Andy Wu, Angel Loo, Catherine Lam, Charis Li, Dore Chan, Emma Wong, Jack Siu, Jacky Yam, Jerry Chong, Katherine Ho, Martin Lai, Richard Suen, Steve Yeung & Wang Ng: Work is hard everywhere, but in C&T, we are cared and trusted. Watch on YouTube / Sohu

Shortlisted Video Award

INSIDE C&T by Francis Lui: C&T is where you get success and help build a better world. We are now looking for advanced IT professionals who love to imagine and make an impact. Be part of our team. Watch on YouTube / Sohu

Watch all awarded videos on

Watch all awarded videos on

What Is the Contest for?
Build your own team among colleagues and work together to create a Life @ C&T video that can get people more familiar with C&T and raise prospects’ interest in joining C&T by sharing the unique perspective from you as part of the C&T family.

What Are You Going to Win?
The video your team submits will first compete for the Shortlisted Video Award selected by the Contest Committee. The Shortlisted Videos will be shared on C&T’s online video channels for voting by your colleagues, family, friends, etc., and the one attracting the most “Likes” wins the Most Popular Video Award. What’s more? Your team will win a bonus cash prize if your Shortlisted Video is adapted in the upcoming official Life @ C&T video.

Follow the Steps and Stages to Win:

Fill in the Entry Form and submit the video together with the signed Talent Release Form:
  • Entry Form (Hong Kong region)
  • Entry Form (Mainland region)
  • Talent Release Form
  • All submitted videos will pass through selection by the Contest Committee based on the “Judging Criteria”
  • Every Shortlisted Video (10 maximum) will be awarded HKD $1,000 cash and proceed to compete for “Most Popular Video Award”
  • The Shortlisted Videos will be published on C&T’s both YouTube and Sohu channels, which are the official points of voting.
  • Contest participants and colleagues may share the contest videos with family and friends. Everyone can cast their vote for their favorite video by clicking the “Like” icon on the video on either or both channels.
  • The video with the most votes is defined by comparing the totals of “Likes” videos receive from both YouTube and Sohu channels
  • Most Popular Video Award (Hong Kong Region) – HKD $5,000 cash: The video with the most votes among all Hong Kong teams
  • Most Popular Video Award (Mainland Region) – HKD $5,000 cash: The video with the most votes among all Mainland teams

About the Video:

  • The submitted video should be 45-60 seconds long. The video’s theme is Life @ C&T. You may address some or all, but not limited to, of these elements such as C&T’s background, our business nature, staff benefits and staff’s feeling towards C&T, so that the video can positively lead the prospects to the expectation of joining C&T to drive development of the company’s business and their personal career.

  • The video must be uploaded as one single file of 20MB maximum with a resolution appropriate for full-screen playing on the typical desktop computer. Please do keep a high-definition copy of the video in case your video is awarded and will be played on a larger screen.

  • All footage of the video, including music, must be originally created material or you must obtain proper legal permission to use someone else’s copyrighted material. Videos found to be offensive or in violation of copyright will not be accepted.

  • The video’s content must not 1) promote illegal behavior; 2) support racial, religious, sexual or other invidious prejudice; 3) advocate sexual or violent exploitation; 4) violate rights established by law or agreement; 5) invade the privacy of any person; or 6) be otherwise inappropriate.

Judging Criteria:

  • Message clarity and relevance (10%)

  • Creativity (30%)

  • Call to action (30%)
    Give a brief introduction of C&T, and attract prospects to join C&T

  • Technical ability (30%) 
    The video does not need to be professionally produced. In fact, we discourage it. We prefer a more down-to-earth style video production. It can be produced by your computer, your smart phone or other video tools necessary to get your messages across

Notes to Participants:

  1. Contest participants must be existing C&T colleagues.

  2. There is no limit to the number of members in one team and the number of teams each colleague can join (multiple entries are permitted). Each team should nominate a Coordinator to serve as the main point of contact. 

  3. After the submission deadline, contest entries will be void if they are incomplete, late, lost, damaged, or not viewable due to technical error.   

  4. Submitting a contest video indicates all members of the team grant Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited the permission to use the video, including the right to using their contents and images, and to editing or making changes to the video for advertising, publicity and promotion purposes, without further compensation or notification to the members. 

  5. Winners will be notified via email and all the cash prizes will be redeemed in the Award Ceremony in Jan 2019. If more than one unit get the same most votes for Most Popular Video Award, the cash prize will be equally divided and shared among those teams.

  6. Bonus Cash Prize will be announced at C&T Annual Dinner 2019 if any one or more of the contest videos are used in the official Life @ C&T video, subject to consideration of the video’s theme, story, style, messages and other relevant elements.

  7. Submission of a contest video will be taken to mean acceptance of the instructions, rules and information listed on this website page.

  8. C&T reserves the right of amending this contest at any time at its sole discretion and the right of final decision in case of any dispute arising.

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