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Building a better world:
C&T wins "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award"
In addition to providing superior software products and excellent information technology solutions to help enterprises operate and develop their business, C&T has been actively promoting the sustainable development of the social environment, which is indispensable to its vision to "build a better world with information technology". Besides the recent Caring Company accolade, C&T has received the Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the Mirror Post, in recognition of its philosophy of corporate social responsibility and contribution to the health, harmony and sustainability of the society.

The 6th Cross-Strait-Four-Region Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award Ceremony was held at the Hong Kong JW Marriott Hotel on April 27, 2017. The then Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, Mr. C.Y. Leung was the guest of honor and spoke to the entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and other guests invited to the ceremony.

Adhering to the “speak and be responsible for the society” principle, the Mirror Post with over 40 years of history has initiated a series of cross-trait exchanges for the public. Noticing the efforts of Chinese enterprises to care for the society particularly the young generation, it has been organizing the yearly Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award in recently years. This has become a common platform to praise and share the outstanding performance of Chinese enterprises fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and to promote them to the international community.

This award recognition reflected C&T’s high performance in various copes: Treasuring Talents, Community Involvement, Environmental Protection, Leadership, Accountability to Shareholders, and Customer Commitment. C&T believes that enterprises should not only commit themselves to the customers and shareholders, but also integrate their devotion to the employees, environment and community with their business strategy, which can lead them to create their corporate culture and sustain their business development. C&T will continue with the Group’s concerted efforts to "build a better world with information technology".


Give a little; help a lot:
Charity activities of C&T in 2017 Q2
Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of C&T’s culture. To foster the well-being of the Hong Kong society, C&T encourages colleagues to take part in various charitable activities. In the second quarter of 2017, C&T colleagues joined together to support those in need at two rice-themed community events.

On April 29, around 20 C&T colleagues joined HKMSSAC’s charity visit to Choi Tin House of Lam Tin Estate. They visited the elderly who lived alone or with their partner only, and delivered rice packs and cooking oil together with warm messages of care and love.

Formally named Hong Kong Movie Stars Sports Association Charities Ltd, HKMSSAC is a non-profit making organization established in 1993, devoted to improving the living standard of the elderly through a variety of caring activities. Setting off in five small teams of three to four volunteers, C&T colleagues delivered the little gifts to the elderly’ homes one by one and had casual chats with them. The conversations were about ordinary life, but the volunteers found unique stories inside each of them.

In May, C&T also supported Oxfam Rice Event 2017, with the theme of Little Prince Supports Small Farmers. The large-scale annual fundraising event has been supported by over 3000 volunteers from over 200 organizations each year. This year Oxfam has established the Small Farm Development Fund to extend its support for those small farmers in poverty, and the funds raised in the event will be used to support them to help themselves and improve their lives.

As an encouragement, C&T also donated for an extra rice pack for each donation made by the colleagues. Through these charity involvements, C&T colleagues are not only supporting and caring for those in need in the community, but also experiencing the blessings of giving.

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