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Transforming data into intelligence:
BI module @ IPL HRMS
HR departments manage enormous employee data, including profiles, appraisals, payrolls, benefits, etc. The potential of these data has long been underestimated especially when digitalization of HR processes was not mature in the market. With today’s advancement in information technology, employers with vision can visualize the size of these data by going digital.

This is where business intelligence (BI) plays an important role. IPL HRMS is integrated with Microsoft® Power BI to help you analyze and manage all your HR data and make better and faster decisions with accurate and timely information, e.g. headcounts, payroll variances, budgets, performance, reward comparison and salary trends. All the intelligence reports can be organized and presented in the way you personalize, e.g. modern dashboards and charts with drag-and-drop flexibility and fluidity.

The whole experience with Power BI brings HR-related data to the core of your decision making in HR management. This means, against traditional expectation on specifically trained professionals to take on the role of HR data analysis, HR personnel can now take back the ownership of this and render better forecasts and plans. Integration of the full-featured IPL HRMS and BI completes the flow of HR management from handling the most specific and routine HR functions to supporting the enterprise’s strategic plan for long-term growth and expansion.

Nationwide installations across industries:
Leading enterprises adopt Platinum HRM
Recently a top-class drug developer and a real estate service leader signed to adopt the China-leading Platinum HRM. A global retail brand also deployed a major upgrade of the Platinum system, which further strengthens Platinum’s international portfolio.

Hutchison Medi Pharma is building its leadership in biopharmaceuticals with dedication to research and development of drugs against oncological and autoimmune diseases. To manage up to 400 local and overseas researchers means a big burden of manually processing payroll and attendance data to HR personnel. It resorted to the centralized platform of Platinum to facilitate its HR, payroll and attendance management processes.

The world’s leading real estate service group DTZ has actively developed real estate businesses in Greater China since 1993. Through this partnership, Platinum would provide a one-stop solution for DTZ Real Estate Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to manage over 20 branch companies across Mainland China, in addition to Hong Kong and Taiwan staffs. Together with core functions of employee profile management and payroll processing, Platinum would be connected with Workday to facilitate DTZ’s operation workflow management, providing the backbone for strategic transformation and sustainable development of human resources management.

With continuous upgrades through the years of partnership, Christian Dior has transferred the workflows of all the office and first-line production employees’ leave and over-time work applications to the Employee Self-Service system of Platinum.

The Platinum team is committed to delivering the most professional, all-round one-stop solution for these multinational enterprises to cope with the challenges of managing a large pool of human resources and improve management efficiency, fully supporting their sustainable development in Greater China.


Out front from cashier:
ChainStorePlus ERM enhances in-store operations by mobile Stock Inquiry and Queue Busting
ChainStorePlus ERM upgraded the Stock Inquiry module soon after receiving Best Business Solution (Product & Service) Award: Certificate of Merit at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 in recognition of its unique design.

The award-winning ChainStorePlus is an integrated retail management platform for global businesses. ChainStorePlus enables retailers to deploy outlets for multiple brands across countries and manage their retail operations with a global perspective. The success of this unique design is proven among its prestigious pool of customers comprising international retail groups, listed companies and leading brands, covering more than 3,000 sales outlets in over 20 countries across Asia and Europe.

The latest Stock Inquiry module requires simply the product barcode for retrieving all the available stock across all branches. On the inquiry interface, the right data panel in matrix form will show the stock number of each size according to the selected display by store or by color on the left control panel. Compared with the previous module with single branch stock inquiry, the new feature allows retailers to effortlessly grasp real-time global inventory data. This equips the in-store staff to obtain reliable cross-branch inventory data through iPad for instant customer inquiry and reservation services. This also facilitates central monitoring of the global inventory and approval control of regional procurement requests.

Customers’ shopping experience is further enhanced when Stock Inquiry is coupled with the latest Queue Busting module, which is designed to speed up the payment process and shorten the customers’ queuing time by adding any chosen product into the virtual purchase basket through mobile devices.

With a global vision in the positioning and design, the ChainStorePlus team continuously strives to refine ChainStorePlus with new technology to help retailers from local brands to international groups achieve more integrated in-store and sales operation management.


Bridging tourism businesses:
C&T Solutions takes HKTB PartnerNet to new generation
C&T Solutions has been entrusted by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to carry out the large-scale enhancement project of its PartnerNet, an interactive online platform specially developed by C&T Solutions back in 2001 for travel trade partners to build their network and explore business opportunities. The project includes not only enrichment of the front end for visitors' better browsing experience, but also a major system upgrade at the backend.

C&T Solutions will provide implementation services for the Livechat Chatroom instant interactive online support to enhance the service level of HKTB. The immersive user experience will be enhanced through the display of 360 degree photos. The experimental visualization will be launched for hotel profiles first and tourist attractions in the near future.

Another highlight of the project is the launch of a new module, Pre-Schedule Appointments (PSA) Matching System, for HK traders to register and arrange appointment schedules with overseas partners. The security level of the whole website will also be enhanced with smooth activation flows and password checking. Event registration can be facilitated on the platform and the enriched database can deepen HKTB's marketing strategies for mapping potential business partners.

For the backend enhancement work, a system upgrade with backup solutions will be carried out to ensure smooth data migration to the new VM environment. The e-form and other reporting tools will also be enhanced for more data collection and better data presentation and security.

As PartnerNet is an important gateway for HKTB to reach potential users worldwide and introduce the beauty of Hong Kong, the C&T Solutions team takes care of the project comprehensively, from layouts and functions of the website to data integrity and secure protection of the backend, to ensure better user experience. The thorough project is expected to be accomplished this year to support HKTB’s efforts to bridge more partnerships in the tourism industry.


Continuous contribution to public services:
C&T Solutions engaged in wide range of projects under SOA-QPS3
In the first half of 2017, C&T Solutions was awarded a number of government projects in three services categories, including (Service Category 2) on-going services, (Service Category 3) implementation & combined system development services, and (Service Category 4) information security and independent testing services, under The Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 3 (SOA-QPS3). The professional teams of C&T Solutions were engaged in projects worth HKD18 million in total to deliver quality information technology services covering 12 bureaus and departments of HKSAR Government.

For on-going professional services, C&T Solutions was entrusted to provide system maintenance and support for Highways Department and network support services to ensure smooth operation of the department’s Major Works Project Management Office. It would also provide maintenance and support for the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) of the Food and Health Bureau.

Acclaimed for excellent performance of development and implementation, C&T Solutions was chosen for two major projects of combined system development. The C&T Solutions technical team would revamp the electronic systems for the University Grants Committee Secretariat (UGCS) and implement the Licensing and Survey of Local Vessels (LSLV) System for Marine Department.

The C&T Solutions security team also provided independent security risk assessment & audit services for Customs and Excise Department, Immigration Department, Labour Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Social Welfare Department, etc. These projects covered a wide range of platforms, including Confidential Mail System, Payment Processing Systems, Loan Management Scheme System and Information System.

From one-off to on-going projects, the C&T Solutions teams will continue to provide reliable technological services for various government projects and contribute their efforts with expertise and experience to better public services for the city.

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