Enterprise Procurement Management Software

Pioneering Enterprise Procurement Management in Hong Kong

ProSmart (formerly known as C&T EPM) was pioneered by C&T back in year 2000, enabling the digital way of procurement management with an automated and auditable platform that minimizes manual and paper-based procedures, raising the standard of procurement for many renowned corporations and organizations. Advanced technology backing with strong technical expertise has made C&T the most competent EPM software provider in Hong Kong.

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Seamless integration for complete e-procurement management

Designed especially for procurement implementation, ProSmart is a seamless integration of e-Purchase Requisition, e-Tendering, Supplier Management and Account Payable (AP) Approval and Automation modules which complete the digital procurement workflow with comprehensive functions for systemization, allowing organizations and corporations to uphold the best corporate governance practices with transparency and auditability.

Security Services

Go digital for good reasons 

ProSmart processes procurement automation with a comprehensive workflow developed from rich experience. The automation of procurement and supply chain processes using internet-based applications allows the digitization of internal business processes by providing a central platform at a global level, offering great benefits: 

  • Raise transparency in supplier management 
  • Fulfill compliance requirements 
  • Provide traceability for audit purpose
  • Reduce paper consumption
  • Induce tender competition with best offer
  • Perform supplier evaluation systematically
  • Reduce repetitive tasks through automation 
  • Encourage 7 x 24 access without boundary
  • Ensure high security via e-cert & PKI

Get your best-fit EPM solution

Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, we understand that your operations are unique. That’s why we offer various packages tailored for your needs and requirements. If you wish to know more about ProSmart, our Enterprise Procurement Management solution, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2503 8000 or email at info@e-tendering.com.