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    • Demonstrating e-HR solutions excellence: Platinum furthers penetration in multiple industries in China

Demonstrating e-HR solutions excellence: Platinum furthers penetration in multiple industries in China

Hong Kong, September 13, 2023 - C&T’s human resources management software Platinum delivered HR digitalization projects for major global brands in various industries including supply and logistics, catering, and vehicle manufacturing and dealership to empower their business expansion in the China market.

Mashin Shokai (Shanghai) was founded in 1997 and its headquarters is located in Japan. The company mainly provides services related to marine materials supplies, sales of marine equipment and accessories, and hardware tools, etc.

Multinational chain of fast-food restaurants: The multinational chain of fast-food restaurants was established in 1978. The group offers high-quality food and warm and friendly service. The company is now operating in Asia, North America and Europe with over 1,300 restaurant outlets. With the recent continuous expansion of the company in China, it owns around 200 restaurants and has 7,000 employees working in their operations.

Car brand: Founded in 1927, the car brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicles and car parts with advanced engine production facilities and techniques. The company currently has around 40,000 employees and has manufacturing bases in Europe, North America and Asia.

Car dealership: Established in 2010, the car dealership in China distributes globally renowned car brands. The headquarters of the company is in Shanghai. Today the company has a wide presence in China with around 15 franchise stores covering regions and cities across China including Shanghai and Beijing. It has over 1,300 employees carrying out operations.

Running their global businesses in China with large-scale operations engaging scores of employees, these international groups need comprehensive HR management to manage their teams and remain competitive. Platinum deployed all-round e-HR solutions tailored with a series of HR management modules that enable employee data maintenance and accurate payroll automation with regulatory compliance. To improve work efficiency, employees from various branches, cities, or regions can also use the employee self-service (ESS) module to easily update personal information, view monthly payslips, apply for holidays and more.

Platinum’s comprehensive system design, flexible modules and great support services created impressive solutions for these global groups to accelerate business expansion in the China market. Platinum’s software products have not only gained the trust and support of customers but have also been recognized by CyberVadis, the third-party security assessment platform and was ranked as one of the Best HR Service Providers 2022 by a leading China HR media company HRoot.