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Overcome Epidemic Uncertainties with Express D-Biz Subsidy for IT Solutions

遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T

Under the second round of Anti-epidemic Fund announced by HKSAR Government, the Innovation and Technology Commission has launched Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) of a six-month (May to October) period totaling HK$1.5 billion to be granted through application approval by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) to support enterprises to continue their business and services with adoption of IT solutions and turn the current threats into opportunities. D-Biz will provide funding support for each qualified private enterprise with a cap of HK$100,000 per solution together with employee training and HK$300,000 for all the solutions.

Latest News:

Aug 31, 2020: D-Biz online application portal enhanced:

Aug 18, 2020: Government introduces four enhancement measures for D-Biz:

  • From 9am on August 31, after replying to HKPC regarding the 1st application’s result, enterprises may submit a 2nd application with solution categories different from those approved in the 1st application, while each enterprise’s aggregate funding remains at HK$300,000
  • Also applicable to applications approved earlier, the funding period for subscription-based solutions will be extended from six to 12 months
  • Prohibition of application by related entities being regarded as one single entity will be lifted
  • Social enterprises with certifications issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for D-Biz will also be eligible

Jun 26, 2020: Government allocates additional HK$1 billion to the original HK$500 million for D-Biz

May 22, 2020: C&T x SCB webinar for Government funding

Applicable Industries & Scope for Subsidy

Innovative technology is not only used to fight against the epidemic, but also the key to helping all walks of life create new ways to survive the epidemic. Enterprises can use the D-Biz funding to add e-commerce, online takeaway service, mobile e-payment, in-store mobile POS, online courses, online medical consultation, mobile GPS attendance clocking & timesheet management, employee e-leave & e-claim, cloud document management, remote file collaboration, network security, etc., as long as it is an IT solution that helps distance business in any of these ways:

  • Online stores (設置網店)
  • E-marketing (進行網上營銷)
  • Cybersecurity (強化網絡安全)
  • Remote document management (遙距文件管理系統)
  • Remote team management (遙距團隊管理)
  • Virtual meeting (網上會議)
遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T
遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T

Subsidized IT Solution Categories 

The D-Biz funding covers 12 categories of IT solutions for distance business, with a view to support enterprises to continue business and service during the epidemic:

  • Online business
  • Online order taking and delivery, and smart self-service systems
  • Online customer services and engagement
  • Digital customer enhancement
  • Digital payment / mobile point of sale
  • Online / cloud-based financial management systems
  • Online / cloud-based human resources management systems
  • Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services
  • Virtual meeting and conference tools
  • Virtual team management and communications
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Other online / custom-built / cloud-based business support systems

D-Biz IT Solutions Offered by C&T

As a pioneer in Hong Kong’s IT industry and a Government contractor under the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services (SOA-QPS), over the years C&T has been providing various types of management software and IT solutions for the Government and numerous organizations across industries. Backed by our rich market experience and the trust of our customers, the Group is providing a series of IT solutions (to name a few for reference) through its product and service teams to support SMEs affected by the epidemic in different industries in their urge for digital transformation and distance business and business improvement during and even after the anti-epidemic period:

Service provider reference number:

  • SP-743-881 (ChainStorePlus ERM)
  • SP-216-446 (IPL HRMS)                    
  • SP-726-461 (VITOVA EIM)                 
  • SP-726-461 (ProSmart EPM) 
遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T
遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T

Application Eligibility & Subsidy Amount 

All private enterprises (except listed companies, statutory bodies and NGOs funded by the Government), are eligible for application. Qualified enterprises must:

  • Have a valid Business Registration Certificate and
  • Have had its business commenced before January 1, 2020 and
  • Have substantive business operations in the related industry at the time of application

For each IT solution together with relevant employee training, the funding ceiling is HK$100,000 (with funding for the training expenses capped at 10% of the IT solution cost). Each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000 under D-Biz. An enterprise will be disbursed a payment of 30% of the funding amount after the application has been approved. Upon completion of the project and after the supporting documents are accepted, the remaining funding amount will be disbursed to the enterprise.

Application Procedure & Assessment Criteria

HKPC serves as the Secretariat of D-Biz and handles approval of all applications. The D-Biz subsidy is open for application for a period of six months from May 18 to October 31, 2020. Applicants must complete and submit the online application form and upload the required supporting documents during this period. The application procedure is simple as follows:

  • Proposal writing
  • Document preparation
  • Online application (from May 18, 2020)
  • Approval by HKPC
  • Subsidy receiving (HK$100,000 max. per solution)

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the following assessment criteria:

  • Relevance of the proposed project to the applicant’s business
  • Reasonableness of the budget
  • Reasonableness of the implementation details
  • Capability of the service provider
  • Adverse record of the service provider (if any)
遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T

遙距營商計劃 D-Biz with C&T

SME x D-Biz Subsidy Webinar 

Co-organized by C&T and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) (SCB HK) and supported by Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA), “Webinar: How SMEs can make good use of Government’s anti-epidemic funding” on May 22, 2020 features speakers from C&T, SCB HK, IPL HRMS and VITOVA EIM sharing:

  • Keys of 2020 D-Biz and TVP funding application
  • 100% SME Financing Guarantee Scheme and special plan for increasing operating cash
  • Technology application for better operations and case sharing

Click here for webinar highlights or contact us for the speakers’ sharing details: 852-2503 8179 / 852-2503 8205 / CNT_Marketing@ctil.com.

Know More from Us

Product and service teams at C&T have assisted customers of various industries in making successful applications for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) and other government-related subsidies to flexibly improve operational efficiency and competitiveness. Welcome to contact us with our experienced consultants and technical specialists helping you know more and plan fast for making good use of D-Biz:

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Proposal and form handling consultation
Digital payment / mobile POS
Online / cloud based human resources management system
Remote document management and cloud storage
Virtual team management & communications
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