Growth with strategic branding: C&T awarded by Enterprising Hong Kong Brand Awards 2017

【July 12, 2017】C&T was awarded Best HK Professional Services Brand: Certificate of Merit at the Enterprising Hong Kong Brand Awards 2017 by South China Morning Post, recognizing the inventive, ambitious and successful brand building efforts of C&T as a Hong Kong homegrown brand.

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Mentoring next-generation leaders: Group Chairman interacts with HKUST students

【 June 28, 2017】The Business Students' Union (BSU) of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) organized a firm visit to C&T on June 23, 2017. Our founder and Chairman, Ir. Ng Cheung Shing welcomed the group of BSU committee members at our Cyberport headquarters.

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From data to intelligence: C&T holds automation seminar for HR & IT professionals

【July 12, 2017】To introduce the latest trends of document management and BI reporting for driving strategic human resources (HR) management with automation, C&T held a seminar at Regus Central on Jul 27 2017 afternoon with speakers from the fields of information technology, human resources management and data management to share their insights with HR and IT professionals.

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C&T announces 2017 Interim Results

【August 14, 2017】 The Group’s consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders recorded a slight increase of 0.8% to HK$22.8 million (2016: HK$22.6 million). The basic earnings per share increased to 9.42 HK cents (2016: 9.36 HK cents) or improved by 0.6% compared with same period last year.

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C&T releases ESG Report 2016: Sustainable growth with care, from people to the world

【July 5, 2017】 C&T released its Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) report with full dedication to developing sustainability. This report details the Group’s ESG commitments, management approach and performance during year 2016.

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C&T silver anniversary: 25 years of success in changing the world with IT

【May 19, 2017】 This year marks the 25th anniversary of C&T, a key milestone for looking back on the Group’s numerous achievements through the years and looking ahead for continued devotion to supporting the development of Hong Kong with information technology.  

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Enterprise Professional Services on the move

【April 20, 2017】 Effective solutions built around the market are the result of more than just technology. Driven by the experience, skills, and proven deployment methodology that are essential to each enterprise’s uniqueness, a specialist business unit was formed to assist enterprises to stipulate high efficiency solutions by addressing business needs.

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C&T announces 2016 Full-Year Results

【March 17, 2017】 The Group's overall revenue grew by HK$39.6 million, or 18.1% to HK$258.7 million (2015: HK$219.1 million). The overall gross profit rose by HK$27.5 million, or 23.1% to HK$146.1 million (2015: HK$118.7 million) and the gross profit margin was also improved to 56.5% (2015: 54.2%).

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