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Human Resources Management Software

With years of experience in IT solutions for human resources management, C&T’s flagship Human Resources Management software suites IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM enable improvement in traditional processes and enhance strategic decision making, covering the full spectrum of tasks associated with the HR department, including tracking and improving process efficiency, managing the organizational hierarchy, and simplifying financial transactions of all types. Combining reliable product design with reliable support and solution services, C&T’s HRM software suites have been serving large local conglomerates and multinational corporations in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

A distilled creation of C&T integrating the expertise of both HRM products, C&T WFM helps businesses in search of the best HR practice to realize holistic management of their mobile workforce with a solution that combines scalability, mobility, automation and real-timeliness for today’s flexible workplace and schedule in business operations.

C&T’s market-leading and award-winning HRM software suites merge HR activities and processes into a discipline and, in particular, cater for each customer’s unique needs through innovation with information technology.

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