Enterprise Procurement Management Software

Are you tired of the manual and time-consuming traditional procurement process?

Procurement is the acquisition process of supplies, goods or services at the most favourable price.  Buyers will go through a prolonged and sophisticated procurement process which invloves:

  • Much manual work and thus error-prone
  • Some repetitive tasks that are unavoidable
  • High operational cost
  • Large amount of paper work
  • Work spanning multiple departments across the organization

More than often, these activities can be a burden to repetitive purchasing for most departments. Repetitive re-keying work and printing tasks are time-consuming and also involve unexpected administrative cost.


So, how can we avoid the high administrative cost and non-value-added activities?

Let's explore how e-Procurement Solutions work!

Electronic Procurement Solutions (“e-Procurement Solutions”) transform the conventional manual and paper-based work procedures into an advanced web-based environment. e-Procurement enables the organizations to automate procurement activities.


Key benefits brought by e-Procurement Solution:

Better deals with increased supplier bidding
24-hour online access without boundary
Save cost and manpower
Reduction of repetitive procurement tasks



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So why choose e-Procurement Solutions?

Adopted by major procurers and suppliers, and winner of numerous prestigious awards since 2000, including:




e-Procurement Solutions are well positioned to assist your business operations. We have been receiving very positive feedback from our customers from the public and private sectors:

Public sector:

Include Hong Kong and Macau governments. For more details of e-Procurement Solutions, please click here.

Private sector:

Our extensive user base exceeds 5,000 companies and includes: MTR (Transport); Jones Lang LaSalle (Property Management), Shui On Land (Estate and Construction); SOCAM (Construction and Infrastructure).

We offer flexible packages to fit for your needs

Whether you are a SME or a large enterprise, we understand that your operations are unique. That’s why we offer various packages tailored to your needs and requirements:

If you wish to know more about our Enterprise Procurement Management solution, please feel free to contact our hotline at (852) 2503 8000 or email at info@e-tendering.com

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