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We Care, We treasure


C&T recognizes the importance of integrating high standards of corporate social responsibilities to our business values and operations and endeavours to foster the well-being of its staffs, the community as well as the environment.

As the first Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Report issued by the Company, this report only covers its operation in Hong Kong and intends to review its ESG performance for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2014. This report sets out the Company's policies and practices in four aspects, namely Workplace Practices, Operating Practices, Environmental Protection and Community Involvement. Looking ahead, the Company will formulate a series of strategies to sustain our ESG development.

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Workplace Practices

Health and Safety

Human resources are the most valuable asset of the Company. Attracting, developing and retaining talents are vital to our success. The Company is committed to providing them with a safe, pleasant and healthy working environment.

In June 2014, the Company moved the headquarter from Quarry Bay to a unique creative digital community – Cyberport. The new office, occupying the whole floor with more than 20,000 square feet, provides staff with a breakout area to relax, gather and hold informal meetings. The spacious area with excellent sea view allows staff to take a break from their computer screens and workstations.  

To provide staffs with a safe working environment, an emergency and long lighting system has been installed in the office area. A conspicuously placed illuminated sign bearing the word “EXIT” in English and Chinese provides exit from the workplace at each doorway during emergency especially in the event of a fire. Fire drill has been carried out at regular intervals to show escape routes and give sufficient trainings to staff in fire safety.


Development and Training

Knowledge, skills and capabilities of employees are vital to the Company’s continuous business growth and success. The Company keeps investing in on-going development and training of employees so as to help them realizing their full potential. The Company also supports employees to attend various job related training programs and professional seminars by providing education subsidy.

The Company continuously finds ways to achieve better work-life balance. For instance, a “Stress Management” workshop was launched during the year. By inviting related professional as the speaker, the workshop gave an insight for our staff to learn some strategies for managing stress and to deal with the stress in a positive manner. Looking ahead, the Group will continue to organize different workshops for staff covering various aspects to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Besides, the Company formed the C&T Recreation Club (“CTR Club”) in late 2014. The objectives of the CTR Club are organizing activities for staff to take part in recreational activities in order to develop their social lives. This also provides a networking opportunity for them to build up team spirit and sense of belongings to the Company. During the reporting year, the CTR Club organized a Bubble Soccer event which offered the management and the staff to enjoy a relaxing moment with each other.


Operating Practices

Procurement management

Procurement management is essential to operating efficiency and thus, C&T is committed to conduct fair and unbiased quotation request processes (RFP).

Employees are reminded to avoid conflict of interest in any circumstances. Related staffs are required to complete a declaration form on conflict of interest in a periodic manner.   


C&T do not tolerate any form of corruption. Code of Conduct on privacy and confidentiality of information, prevention of bribery and corruption are clearly defined and included in the Employee's Handbook.

Employees are required to adhere to the Code and prohibited to accept any advantages for themselves or others, from any person, company or organization having business dealings with the Company.


Environmental Protection

As a supporter of environmental protection, the Company strives for a greener future by eco-friendly practices in various aspects of our operations. Efficient and effective use of energy and resources are encouraged in the operation and management level of the Company. The Company is in the process of conducting carbon audit to facilitate the formulation of a green policy and to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

"Green Guidelines and News”are formulated and launched on a continuous basis via intranet or email to promote the concept of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and to arouse the employee's awareness of the importance of environmental protection. The Company also encourages segregating recyclables in the appropriate recycling bins.

Energy conservation is another priority under environmental protection. Energy-saving devices are used to reduce power consumption for lights. Traditional fluorescent tubes and light bulbs are replaced by LED, T5 lighting and electric transformers. During the year, the Company has implemented a new energy saving system called “PowerRemote” which switch off the office lightings at a scheduled time. Staff work over the scheduled time can apply extension through the system.


Community Involvement

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of C&T’s culture. We are committed to strive for the betterment of society and hold strong belief that a business organization should not detach itself from its social responsibility. Apart from financial assistance to the community, management and employees of the Company are dedicated to a diverse range of charitable and fund raising activities to help those in need.

During the past few years, the Company actively participated in a wide range of charitable activities covering social welfare and assistance to the needy in Hong Kong. To express our concern for the physically challenged and encourage their integration into the community, we participated in the Flag Day of the Hong Kong Blind Union and organized visit to Fu Hong Society. As one of the corporations that consistently support the work of The Community Chest, the Company participated in the Dress Casual Day and New Territories Walk in past few years. Besides, the Company also encouraged its staff to take part in various charity run such as the Innothon 8KM Race, the 11th FHS Charity Walkathon and the CyberRun for Rehab jointly organized by Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation and Cyberport organization to benefit the mentally handicapped children.


In 2015, our corporate team won the Second Runner-up of 25km ICT Cup in 22nd Green Power Hike. It was our first time to join such challenge and the team finally took 3 hours 24 minutes to finish the competition. There were over 3000 participants and conation was up to HK$5 million.

The Company has been awarded the “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2014 in recognition of our dedication in community involvement and commitment to social responsibility.

Going forward, the Company will endeavor to organize more social and charitable activities to benefit a larger group of people in need so as to deepen our commitment in serving the community.


C&T has incorporated the concept of smoke-free workplaces as part of its corporate culture. Over years, we have been committed to providing a healthy and safe smoke-free work environment for employees, continuously sharing information on smoke-free life to employees, understanding their smoking habit and encouraging smoking cessation. Commending our efforts and contributions of promoting a smoke-free culture in the working environment, COSH awarded C&T with the Certificate of Merit in the Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards.

In order to echo the World No Tobacco Day on 31 May designated by the World Health Organization, C&T will participate in the Smoke-free Support Station activity organized by the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) from 28 May to 18 Jun 2017. We are pleased to invite you to join the“Smoke-free Family” and leave your message to say no to cigarette and encourage your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors to live a smoke-free lifestyle by following links: You may also join the Facebook Lucky Draw which organized by COSH.